Responsible Play

At LuckyLotto, we are comply to Western Australia Responsible Gambling Codes of Practice to ensure that we sell and promote our games responsibly so they can be enjoyed by all players.

We follow the below compliance, not limited to:

  • Game rules and responsible gambling material are available at all retail agencies
  • Clock displaying the time of day is visible at all retail agencies
  • Problem gambling referral advice is offered to players who have difficulty controlling the amount of money they spend on our games
  • Intoxicated people cannot play our games, and we do not use alcohol to encourage play
  • Cheques cannot be cashed as payment to play our games
  • All retail agency staff receive accredited responsible gambling training, including specialised training for staff aged less than 18 years
  • Refresher training on responsible gambling is conducted for our retail agency network at least every two years.

In addition, within our Agency Compliance Program we visit each member of our retail agency network at least once each year to ensure that they too are complying with these Codes of Practice. Play responsibly. Stay in control. Know the limits.